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Pelvic Disorders

Advanced, convenient solutions to pelvic support problems.

Women sometimes experience vaginal relaxation, or prolapse, following childbirth or as they get older. In addition, pelvic pain and endometriosis can present themselves and affect your quality of life. We can address these conditions through medical management and the latest surgical techniques.

Our ob/gyn specialists will exhaust all available conservative remedies to treat your pelvic floor disorders, in cases where they improve with strengthening exercises and the use of a medical device. However, when surgery is the best option, the James River team will do a minimally invasive procedure, a “key-hole” surgery that uses only very small instruments and requires only tiny incisions resulting in little scarring, shorter downtime, and quicker recovery.

Our obstetrician/gynecologist physicians are highly trained in laparoscopic surgery, a surgical innovation that eliminates almost all abdominal incisions. Pelvic reconstruction has never more minimally invasive to the body, faster to perform, and conveniently done in-office.

Don’t think that pelvic disorders are something you have to live with after giving birth or as you age. Call our Richmond, VA office today at 804.272.5508 for immediate help. Our patients with pelvic disorders come to us from Petersburg, Richmond, Bon Air, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, and nearby locations.

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