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Individualized, multifaceted & preventive approach to bone care.

Aging, hormonal imbalance, illness and lifestyle can lead to weak and brittle bones, putting you at high risk for fractures, even in the absence of trauma. And studies show that women are more predisposed to osteoporosis than men. For many years in ob/gyn practice, we have made osteoporosis care an essential part of our women’s health and wellness program. This has helped many women who were at risk or already at a certain stage of bone loss avert the disabling and costly effects of extremity or spine fracture. At James River Obstetrics & Gynecology, we take a comprehensive approach to treatment from medical management, nutrition and lifestyle modification to our adjunct hormone replacement therapy program.

In-house diagnostics for maximum convenience & faster diagnosis.

We have in-office DXA scanning that allows us to test your bone density and determine your risk or level of osteoporosis. This means you don’t have to go elsewhere for a specialty center to have your bone mineral density evaluated. Here, you get your DXA scan and bone measurement in the comfort and privacy of our state-of-art, cozy facility. Our providers will give you the same VIP treatment we give to all our patients. Because for James River Obstetrics & Gynecology, the patient experience is as important as our specialists’ expertise.

For more information on osteoporosis care and/or to request an appointment with one of our gynecologist doctors, please contact us in Richmond at 804.272.5508. Our Health Education Library can also help you become more familiar with women’s health issues and wellness. Our osteoporosis patients come to us from Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Petersburg, Richmond, Bon Air and nearby areas.

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